About Myself

Art Movements that I'm inspired by are:
Artists that I'm influenced by are:
Leonardo DaVinci
Vincent van Gogh
Edvard Munch
My names Ciaran Coates, I've studied Art  for several years and have an HND in Art and Design. I enjoy all types of Art and varies different media and techniques to create it as you'll have seen from my Gallery. I work from my home studio as we stay semi rural and I get peace to work.
For years I've  enjoyed visiting the local Art galleries from Glasgow to Edinburgh  and the smaller ones inbetween to sample all the different talent and styles.

I enjoy all types of art and appreciate differences in an individuals creativity.

I'm influenced by both historical and contemporary artists. The historical artists are: Vincent van Gogh,  Leonardo Da Vinci, Edvard Munch, Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet. Because I like their use of vibrant colours, details and techniques that they produce in their work . The contemporary artist I'm influenced by is Peter Howson OBE.
If you like the look of anything in my gallery you can leave a message at the end.

In order to see all of my artwork, please click on the first image.